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Quest for Refuge: Home

How does someone become a refugee? What happens to refugees? What can be done to help refugees? The resources below will help explore these questions. Clicking the tabs below will lead to a variety of resources and background.

The Quest for Refuge

Why do people flee persecution and armed conflict?  What happens to them once they have left their homes, their communities, their countries?  Where does their journey take them?  Who helps them, and who harms them along their path and when they reach their destination? How can we act, individually, and collectively, to ease their burden, help them adjust to new lives, and welcome them into our communities?

These are vital questions of our time as millions of children, women, and men around the globe are displaced by force and fear of persecution, violence, and armed conflict.  The numbers are staggering, the stories of loss and suffering tragic; but there are also stories of bravery, resilience, recovery, and rebuilding that need to be shared and celebrated.

The resources in these webpages provide a starting point for exploring and expanding understanding of the complex situation of the world today, and encourage consideration of the past to inform our interpretation of the present, and guide our future actions.

Roger Williams University Quest for Refuge University-Wide Program of Inquiry
In addition to the resources and materials curated in these web pages, this theme was woven into a wide variety of courses and Roger Williams University campus initiatives over the 2016-2017 academic year.  During the Fall 2016 semester, programming and explorations examined the context of refugee movements, contemporary and historical, bringing a human lens to bear in consideration of the quest for refuge, and those who have undergone this quest globally, and locally in Rhode Island.  
During Spring 2017, Roger Williams University continued these explorations, extending towards a broader consideration of those "upstanders" who have stepped beyond their personal spheres of interest to become allies and activists aiding and bearing witness to the plight of those in greatest need.  Programs celebrated new lives of those who have gained sanctuary in their quests for refuge, deepened perspective taking around those embarked upon the quest for refuge, and explored social and psychological consequences of loss and vulnerability faced by those forced to embark on a quest for refuge.  More information is available on the "RWU Events" tab.

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