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Data & Statistics on the Web

Guide to finding, using, and interpreting statistics.

Data and Statistics on the Web

Data and Statistics on the Web

This LibGuide offers links to several databases of statistical information, as well as style guides on writing effectively with statistics.  The statistical databases are arranged loosely according to their subject.  These databases may justifiably fall under more than one category.  Check each tab to check on whether we link to the type of statistical data you need.

  • Researching contains a list of helpful tips on finding relevant statistics.
  • Government Data links to databases chiefly about Americans.
  • Science Data links to databases about the physical sciences (e.g. environmental science and meteorology).
  • Social Science Data offers databases that relate to a social science discipline -- mostly statistics on social interaction and change (e.g. demographics) and social behavior, such as spending habits.
  • Writing With Statistics links to style guides on writing with statistics.  These links will help you with formatting statistics and tables properly, as well as explaining and integrating statistics into your work.