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General Information


Image Requests

The Visual Resources Center welcomes image requests from faculty members to aid with teaching or publication. If the image requested is for publication, the VRC is not responsible for obtaining appropriate usage rights for the image and will aid in the digitization only.

If you need copywork or slides digitized, please complete this digital image order form (or pick up a print copy from the Architecture Library), attach it to the source, and bring it to the circulation desk in the Architecture Library.

Existing slides from the slide collection can be scanned upon request, after evaluating slide quality, copyright considerations and whether the image exists for purchase. Slides belonging to faculty members will only be scanned if sufficient cataloging data and copyright information is provided.

A slide and film scanner is available for students to use in the Architecture Library.  The bulk slide feeder and negative feeder for this scanner are on reserve at the circulation desk and may be checked out for use.


Finding and Citing Images