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Resources for Teaching and Learning

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Reflections of a High School Math Teacher (

Though it would seem that this blog is totally unrelated to teaching marketing, I  find his general approach to helping students engage with topics very appealing. Since most marketing majors are very numbers-phobic, some of his examples apply to our college students just as well as to his high school students.(Contributed by Kathy Micken)

Online Writing Teacher Teacher (

Again, another non-marketing relate blog (except that we are all involved in marketing in some way as we try to "sell" our course, our subject, and/or our approach to a subject area as we teach). I am drawn to the May 11.2015, post about the "Provoker" role -- though I don't know whether I could carry that off or not, but it's a really intriguing idea. (Contributed by Kathy Micken) Great blog  covering strategies to increase student engagement and motivation. (Contributed by Valerie Carnevale)