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Resources for Teaching and Learning

Review this list of helpful content creation tools as well as established collections to enhance your courses.

Visuals - Creators and Collections

A great resource for art photography resources from photographers to processes

Image Collections

Google images has a lot of cool graphics

Google Photo at allows instructors to create albums by course or subject that students can contribute to and share

Flickr at

Library of Congress Digital Collections at This is a site that has an extensive digital collection. You only have to pay for images that you actually want to reproduce.

Dreamstime at has a collection of free and inexpensive images.

Istockphoto at Another great site. There is an option for users to purchase one photo at a time instead of using the credit system.

Free PowerPoint Templates can be found at the Rapid E-Learning blog A great collection of photos is available at http://www.thinkstock/com/ . Pricing varies depending on the number of images you wish to download in any particular period of time. Images can also be downloaded for free with watermarks on them -- which can come in handy if you are not planning to reproduce the image or use it for commercial purposes (e.g. for coursework in many classes).

Morgue File at There are free photos for use in your projects; some request that you give the photographer credit, or to let them know how you used their shots. Others don't even ask for that much. Cautions: The search function isn't great, and the selection can be limited in some areas. But there is a surprising amount of great free content. It's worth seeing if they have what you need.

Paul Alders 17 Daily Life Images (free) -

43 Gorgeous Free Nature Images - from Unsplash

35 Free City Scene Background Images from Unsplash -

Cacoo at allows users to collaboratively create and share diagrams. It is free to use

Avatarist This is a free resource which allows users to select (from a pretty big collection) and/or create an avatar

Wordle at This a great tool to create "word clouds" from text you provide emphasizing the most used words by size.