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Yewno: Yewno Discover

Yewno Discover

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How Yewno Differs:
Yewno is a new kind of visual knowledge discovery product that enables you to see the relationships between concepts, rather than simply displaying results for concepts searched. Yewno helps students and researchers spark new ideas and explore interdisciplinary fields to create better research output.


Use Both: Yewno Discover & WorldCat Discovery

Yewno is a new research platform. It displays search results as relationships between concepts.  

Yewno is the place to search when you want to explore a topic and see what the connections are.

WorldCat Discovery gives you access to the things the library owns:

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Streaming Video Content"
  • eBooks & Chapters
  • Journal Articles

WorldCat Discovery is the place to go when you know what you are looking for.