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Support for Online Teaching and Learning: Services & Resources


RWU Libraries support teaching at a distance and are prepared to support online learning with alternative modes of instruction. This page describes the course support and instructional services provided by the Libraries.


Library Tips, Tools, & Tricks

Access Course Readings and Resources

The Library website is the portal to all library-licensed resources. Work with your faculty librarian liaison to identify useful online resources for your course, such as journal articles and streaming videos as well as open access materials and textbooks.  Remember:

  • Bridges integrated course and subject guides identify resources needed for assignments.
  • Persistent links to journal articles and videos within Bridges ensure quick access to materials.
  • Save students money by identifying open educational resources for your course.

You may also request a print or e-book purchase or a video purchase for the library.

A Note about Course Reserves:

The RWU Library encourages all faculty members to use digital course materials, such as open educational resources, e-journals, e-books, streaming media, or other digital sources in lieu of placing items on traditional print course reserves.  Our faculty librarian liaisons can help faculty members locate digital materials and assist with linking library resources, e.g. journal articles to course sites in Bridges.

When sharing copies of resources you have, be sure to follow Fair Use Guidelines. Fair use allows use of copyrighted material under certain circumstances.  See the libraries guide on Copyright & Fair Use to determine whether or not a particular use is fair.

Online Instruction & Research Assistance

To request a library session customized for your course, please contact your Librarian Liaison.

Bridges now provides integrated access to library course and subject guides from the Library Resources menu choice.  These guides provide customized instruction modules and digital resources for the course topic and assignments.  To Request a Course Guide, please contact your Librarian Liaison.

Embed a faculty librarian in your Bridges course to assist with adding instructional materials, create course or research guides, interact with students or offer remote library instruction. Contact the librarian you usually work with to add her/him in a Teaching Assistant role.

Librarians are available for online research consultations. Email is currently the best method to contact your librarian. Librarians may choose to call you or schedule a virtual consultation via Zoom.  If you don't know who your librarian liaison is, please fill out the research consultation webform.

Visit our Ask Us page or simply click on the chat button found on the library home page for more ways to get help.


Course & Subject Guides

In addition to the subject guides the library provides for RWU majors, librarians will create, upon request, a course guide that is specific to needs of your course content.

  • Course guides direct students to the best resources for successfully completing assignments and can provide instructional elements on how to use those resources.
  • Subject and Course guides are linked directly in your Bridges course site menu under "Library Resources" without any effort on the part of the instructor.