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Persistent Links: Persistent Links: Linking to Articles from Bridges

Persistent Links: Linking to Articles from Bridges

This guide will show you how to locate a persistent or permanent link or document url in major library databases.  This is the link you need to put into your Bridges web resources course area when you want to link to an article in the library's collections.

Use the persistent link, not the URL in the address bar. A persistent link (aka document URL, persistent URL, durable link, stable link, or permalink) can show up in different places, depending on the database. For instance, in ProQuest it is called Document URL and appears in the abstract/details of the record.  In EBSCO, it's called a permalink and you can find the link in the right hand column of the record.


Finding the Permanent Link in EBSCO Databases

How to find the Persistent/Permanent link in EBSCO.  Do not copy the url from the browser address bar.  Use this link instead.


Finding the Document URL in ProQuest Databases

In Proquest, you need to be on the Abstract/Details page and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the Document URL.  This is the link (url) that you need to copy.