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Citing sources: Citation styles

Legacy Refworks

Refworks is a web-based program that helps you to organize your research. Use references entered into your refworks account to create a bibliography or format your paper.


Zotero is a free, user-friendly tool that helps you collect, organize, cite and share your research sources.

Selecting a style

At Roger Williams University, several different citation styles are used in the classroom.  It is best to check with your professors for each class to determine which citation style they expect you to use.

Styles & examples to consult

APA: American Psychological Association (Social Sciences)

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (Print)

APA Formatting and Style Guide

Donahue, M. (2016).  Microlearning and the Incredible Shrinking Attention Span.  Hotel Management, 231(7), 27.

MLA: Modern Language Association (Humanities)

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers  (Print)

Everything You Need to Know About MLA Citations (E-Book)

MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Donahue, M
.  "Microlearning and the Incredible Shrinking Attention Span." Hotel Management  231.7 (2016)27

CMS: Chicago Manual Style

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers (Print)

Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide

Donahue, Monique.  "Microlearning and the Incredible Shrinking Attention Span."  Hotel Management 231, no. 7 (2016): 27. 

CSE: Council of Science Editors

Scientific Style and Format: the CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers (Print)

The Writer's Handbook: CSE Citation Guide

Donahue M.  "Microlearning and the incredible shrinking attention span." Hotel Man. 2016;231(7):27.


A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations

Donahue, Monique.  "Microlearning and the Incredible Shrinking Attention Span." Hotel Management 231, no. 7 (2016): 27.


Author: Monique Donahue
Article titleMicrolearning and the incredible shrinking attention span
Journal title: Hotel Management
Volume & issue: Vol 231, issue 7
Publication date: May 2016
Page number(s): 27

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