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Using Refworks with Google Docs

To use your Refworks citations when writing your paper, first add the Refworks Add-on

  1. Go to
  2. Open a doc or a blank document
  3. Select Add-ons
  4. Get Add-ons
  5. Type Refworks into box
  6. Install

To insert Refwork citations into your paper:

  1. Select Add-ons - Proquest Refworks - Manage citations
  2. From the Refworks sidebar, first log in and then choose the Refworks folder you need
  3. Click edit and cite to select the citation style you need (APA 7th for EDU312)
  4. As you write your paper, insert your cursor where you want the citation and then click on the reference you want from Refworks bar and select "Cite this."
  5. Then the inline citation will be added and the citation will also appear in your bibliography at the end of your paper.