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What is Refworks?

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Refworks is a web-based citation manager that allows you to create, organize, and manage your citations. References can be imported from the library catalog, online databases, websites, and more.

Even with a citation manager, you should always double-check your citations. Get help with citation styles and formatting from our Citing Your Sources guide. 

How can Refworks help me?

Bullet  You can import information about articles, books, and other sources right from the library catalog, databases, or websites as you search.

Bullet  You can upload or link to full text documents to easily find later.

Bullet  You can organize your sources in folders for specific classes and research papers.

Bullet  You can create in-text citations and bibliographies (reference lists/works cited lists) in Word or Google Docs.

Bullet  You can choose from dozens of styles that are available, including common styles like Chicago, APA, and MLA